Hoherz Heads to Iowa State for Diving

Lily Martinez, Staff Writer

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Senior Anton Hoherz will fulfil his dream of attending a college who recognizes his hard work this fall at Iowa State University fdue to = his individual performance as a talented diver.
“I always loved being in the water, and when I saw divers dive while I was swimming, I really wanted to give it a shot. Since then, I have been to tons of tournaments and competitions, and now I am going to school for what I have a strong, passionate feeling about,” Hoherz said.
Though he was recongized earlier this year, Hoherz remembers the day he got signed and his future started, like it was yesterday.
“I signed in September to Iowa University, but I got offers from Tennessee and Missouri. I decided to go to Iowa because the people seemed really down to Earth. It is more of a partner school meaning they will help each other to graduate and that is what I really loved about it,” Hoherz said.
Hoherz has been training a long time, spending countless number of hours before and after school to achieve his goal to go to college for diving.
“After school, I practice three hours a day, five days a week at the Woodlands Diving Academy. Twice a week, I have platform training, which is where I practice standing on the really high board that does not move. On the other days, I just practice flipping my body in certain ways, getting into the water perfectly without belly-flops or landing on my back. Also, I have to practice how to jump and how to stand on the board,” Hoherz said.
Despite the long hours of training, Hoherz is excited to finally be done with high school level diving and ready to be on the collegiate level.
“It is almost nerve racking. Sometimes I know when I am ready, and other times I do not think I am. The good thing is, I have a really good coach who I have known for a really long time, and he has helped me to be the best I can be. I cannot wait to go to college, I have always wanted to go, so I am really excited,” Hoherz said.
When Hoherz first started diving, he was opened to many new possibilities.
“I feel like I could go a lot of places for diving. There is Worlds and Nationals championships I could be a part of. My ultimate goal would be to go to the Olympics for diving. If something unfortunate happens, then I plan to go into music where my dream is to be a part of a symphony or something,” Hoherz said.
Hoherz advizes other dive athletes who want to continue the difficult sprt in the future.
“Just keep pushing on. It’s a really fun sport but it can also be really hard. So just keep on pushing yourself, and the possibilities are endless.” Hoherz said.

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