Myers Tackles his Last Rugby Season

Kayla Smith, Staff Writer

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Undefeated on the rugby field, Senior Matthew Myers prepares for his journey to state with The Woodlands Area Rugby Team and the hard work that comes with it. Never giving up on what he loves, he sets his goals high for his last year on the team.
“This is my last season before I leave the team, and I do not know if I will play in college, so I want to have a lot of fun and have the best season I’ve had yet. This is my third year and I want to go out with my personal best record,” Myers said.
Myers not only wants to have a great last year on the team, but he also wants to improve and be a better player than he was last year.
“The big thing that I have been practicing a lot is getting my passing better. Last year I was a lot shakier on my passing, but this year I have been able to clean it up a lot,” Myers said.
Rugby is a sport that is a lot like football, but it is also different in several ways.
“Rugby is a fast paced contact sport that involves tackling, passing, and running the ball. The object of the game is to get the ball to the end zone. It is similar to football in that respect, but in rugby a player can only throw the ball backwards, and when a player is tackled they have to release the ball and then any team can take it,” Myers said.
Even though Myers has always been surrounded by rugby, he started later than most by taking up the sport in high school.
“My dad played rugby in college and my best friend played as well, so they told me to try it and that’s when I started playing my sophomore year,” Myers said.
To prepare for the season, Myers and his team started practicing a couple months before they really start playing any games.
“We do a lot of practices starting in November and going through December to get ready for when the season really starts in January,” Myers said.
All it takes for Myers to keep motivated is just putting his heart into something he loves.
“I just love the game and when you love doing something or just enjoy doing it, that motivates you to work hard,” Myers said.
Rugby is a sport that is fun, but just like any other sport, it has its difficulties.
“The hardest part about playing rugby is the endurance, you never stop running and you have to sprint a lot. You also get hit a lot. Whether it be taking hits or giving hits, you have to keep going on your feet the whole time,” Myers said.
In rugby, no player plays the same position every time, but Myers definitely has a preference of which position he likes to play the most.
“I like playing the outside center position the most because you get to make a lot of contact and you get to run the ball a lot, you are really in the middle of all the action,” Myers said.
Just like any other person who plays a sport Myers has his most memorable moments and games.
“My favorite rugby memory is when we went to a tournament my first year at A&M and we blew everyone out of the water. It was just so fun with all the guys and afterwards we got medals and got to take pictures with the trophy, but my most memorable match was my first rugby match I had ever went to. I had only been practicing for like a week or two and my coach put me in the last ten minutes and that was the first game I had ever scored at. I remember hitting one guy and stepping over another guy and I finally fell into the end zone and everyone was cheering me on. It felt really awesome to score for the first time,” Myers said.
Going to state is a big deal for a rugby team and winning is what they are all hoping for, but just playing in a state game is a big deal.
“I’m looking forward to just playing and hopefully winning. We have been to a state tournament every year I have been on the team, but we have not won yet and I think we have a really good shot this year because we have a really good team,” Myers said.
As Myers takes to his last season on The Woodlands Rugby Team, he thinks back on what his favorite thing about playing rugby is and tries his best to enjoy every last second of doing what he loves.
“I really enjoy that rugby is a contact sport, it takes a certain mindset to tackle people. When I am in off season I really miss tackling someone, it is my favorite part about playing the game. I also love the teamwork that rugby requires and working with such a great team every week,” Myers said.

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