Annual Mr. Oak Ridge Competition Raises Funds for Hospital

Brittany Miller, Editor-In-Chief

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Senior boys will partake in pageant hosted by National Honor Society next week to raise funds for Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands.
“Mr. Oak Ridge is kind of like a male beauty pageant. They display a talent for the organization they are affiliated with at this school. The contest is to raise money for Texas Children’s Hospital. The NHS students are in charge of running the competition,” NHS Sponsor Nadia Mukul said.
In order to be in the competition, the potential contestants must go through a talent screening.
“A male from each club will compete. First they have to submit an application for their talent, then we will choose which talents are acceptable and then they will get to compete,” NHS President Jason Maples said.
To decide who will get the title, a panel of judges are being brought in from the community.
“We will have a panel of judges. One will be from Oak Ridge, but the rest will be community members so they can judge without having prior opinions of the students. They will be judged on their talent and the question and answer portion. The judges are looking for a well-rounded student who demonstrates the best part of being a student here, but can also have fun at the same time,” Mukul said.
Mr. Oak Ridge was a forgotten tradition dusted off and brought back by NHS.
“Last year was the first competition we’ve had in recent history. When they did it a long time ago, they called it ‘Mr. Debonair’,” Mukul said.
While not everyone can compete, everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the competition.
“The student body can be involved through coming and buying a ticket to support a charity as well as your fellow senior classmen. The tickets are $10 if you buy them in advance and $15 if you buy them at the door. To the contestants: be yourself and have fun. The winner will receive pride, glory, and the title of ‘Mr. Oak Ridge’,” Mukul said.
Maples advice to the competitors is to be light hearted and make the audience laugh.
“Try to be funny, laughing helps your chances at winning,” Maples said.
The senior band representative, Connor Roberts, has big goals for this competition.
“I want to perform so well that the crowd can’t help but give me a standing ovation. I hope we raise significant funds to go to Texas Children’s Hospital,” Roberts said.
Roberts plans on adding another Mr. Oak Ridge victory to the band’s record this year.
“Last year band won the title and this year, I have to win it again so that we can be victorious. We had the Mr. Oak Ridge sash hanging in the band hall to display our victory last year and I plan on bringing it back again. We will win two years in a row to prove we are the best student organization,” Roberts said.

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