Girls Varsity Soccer Makes it to Playoffs

Cami Manka, Staff Writer

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The girls varsity soccer team accomplished a huge goal this season by making it to the playoffs because of their rigorous practice and teamwork.
“Our goal at the beginning of the year was to be in the playoffs and now that we’ve reached it, our next goal is to win the playoff game. Even though there were times in the season where it seemed like that goal wouldn’t be accomplished, everyone stuck together and now we got ourselves in the playoffs,” Girls Varsity Soccer Coach, James Collins said.
Any team member knows that success does not come from only one person, but from a system of people putting in equal effort.
“The first and most important characteristic of a good team is to throw away all selfishness and realize that you’re a teammate to other people who want to win just as bad as you do. You also need to believe in yourself and the rest of your teammates so you can play harder and better each time. I think the main reason the team made it to the playoffs was because these kids never gave up on each other and always believed in themselves. They all work so well together, which I think is also another main reason; there was never one superstar of the team and they all equally contribute to the achievements,” Collins said.
The team is focused on prepping both mentally and physically to achieve their goals and have a successful season as a whole.
“Preparation for the season all together is extremely important. Fitness is crucial and there’s a lot of ball work to prepare with. They also need to have their pattern of play down and they really need to learn how to play together. A lot of these kids play in club teams in the fall and spring so it takes a while to get the chemistry of all these different players to flow together. It’s my responsibility as the coach to have a rotation and game plan before the practices. Having the girls prepared is my biggest role and to train them to play as perfectly as possible. All the coaching happens during practice, but on Friday nights the only thing to do is to guide them and be supportive of them,” Collins said.
Playing on a field with multiple people, who all have a different way of playing, can be extremely difficult. That’s why it is important for the team to work together to help one another, on and off the field, in order to make the game run smoothly.
“I’ve been playing soccer for 13 years now and I’ve learned that to be successful, you need to have communication and chemistry with your team. It’s important to know what makes your teammates feel supported, so that everyone can help each other improve,” Varsity player Junior Noora Aldossary said.
Passion, drive, and communication have all been proven by the team to be the keys to fulfillment in themselves and one another. The girls varsity soccer team is a prime example of how unity and determination results in greatness.
“This is the best group of kids I’ve ever coached and they motivate me the most to be the best leader I can be. If we didn’t make it to the playoffs, it would have really broke my heart, so I did everything I could to prepare them for this and they haven’t let me down. Whoever has the opportunity to coach these kids is the luckiest person in the world,” Collins said.

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