Lohnes Takes Home the Crown

Brittany Miller, Editor-In-Chief

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The annual “Mr. Oak Ridge” contest, a male beauty pageant and fundraiser, had several strong contestants competing for the title. Golf representative, Senior Gavyn Lohnes ended up taking home the crown and title of Mr. Oak Ridge on March 2nd.
“In order to win, I tried to be as funny as I could. I wanted to win because I have school spirit and wanted to help raise funds for the Texas Children’s Hospital. I played ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on my recorder as my talent. I thought maybe Jack Brooks would win because he has a lot of friends. However, the best part of the event for me was being able to make a lot of new friendships with the other contestants, like Connor Roberts,” Lohnes said.
The exhilaration of winning is only magnified when you have the audience cheering your name.
“My twin sister Hailey brought all of her friends, so I had a whole fan group. They brought signs too and it gave me a lot of confidence. It is kind of nerve racking to get out there and hear nobody is cheering for you, so when people are cheering for you it’s like ‘oh okay, I can do this, there are people out there for me,’” Lohnes said.
Despite all of his fans, Lohnes still had to fight the nerves that accompany any performer.
“I was really nervous. My palms were so sweaty when I was playing, I couldn’t hit the notes because my fingers were sliding off the recorder. I practiced for like three weeks before. I had the recorder in my car and at stoplights I would whip it out and practice. I got some weird looks at traffic lights for sure,” Lohnes said.
All of Lohnes’ practicing paid off when he won the title of “Mr. Oak Ridge.” Lohnes was humbled when he heard he won and thanked those who gave him encouragement.
“When I heard I won, I was shocked. I thought Jordan was going to win. I ended up giving him the septor and I gave a speech after. I said thank you to my mother for raising an awesome kid, thanks to my sister for bringing her friends, and to my brother for coming,” Lohnes said.
Lohnes’ winning secret for the future “Mr. Oak Ridge” is to make people enjoy your performance.
“My advice to future contestants is to be funny, everyone likes the funny guy,” Lohnes said.
Lohnes plans to put his career on a different type of stage; the operating room.
“Next year I am going to serve a mission for my church. Eventually, I want to be a cardiologist,” Lohnes said.

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