Welding Heads To State Competition

Nolan Christensen, Staff Writer

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The welding class advanced to the state competition and is competing this weekend with a couple of projects they have been working vigorously to complete.
Welding students, Seniors Colton Mangum, Ross Nelson, and Bryce Hesson, teamed up to build a working truck trailer.
“We qualified for state by a judge’s decision in another competition in Beaumont. We also had to create a portfolio describing the project, and we had a time limit to beat before we could qualify,” Mangum said.
Senior Seth Regester completed a work table that also qualified for the state competition.
“I completed the entire project with only minimal assistance from Ben Cook, another senior in the advanced class,” Regester said.
With only a short time frame to complete the projects, the team had to work very hard to get it done on time.
“We only had 13 days to complete the project because we had to wait to get the material. Once we got it we only had two weeks left to finish the trailer. In 13 days we were able to build the whole trailer. We had to stay after school sometimes but it was worth it,” Nelson said.
Working as a group, they accomplished all the success they could imagine and making it past the regional qualifier was the icing on the cake.
“Myself, Colton, Ross, and Ben all teamed up to finish the trailer. Once we had it finished we had to clean some things up in order to perfect it for the judges. Making it past regionals was really cool because in order to do that you have to be passed by a panel of judges and they can be really tough because they criticize every little thing,” Hesson said.
All of the students have had previous welding experience by taking the welding and advanced welding class.
“Taking the welding classes has helped a lot because it has given me a knowledge of the tools and how to use them properly to really make my project take off,” Regester said.
Looking back both teams regret very little but admit there are a couple things that they would change if they could.
“There is not a lot I would change but if we could go back I would have started sooner because there are some things that if we had more time would have looked a lot better,” Nelson said.
Although the state competition is not until April 6th-9th, the team has already qualified.
“There is still some work to be done before the competition and the teachers (Hom and Dutton) have been helping us out to ensure that we have it perfect,” Nelson said.

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